My Farm In A Box
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Changing the way and where we grow.

We provide fully custom, cost effective, turn key, and automated systems for a small family, to your commercial grow operation, we have you covered. 

We specialize in providing automated systems that even the most novice of farmers can grow quality, healthy, and beautiful things to eat right from your closet, extra room or basement, backyard or many acres of land.


Fresh & Healthy

100% Organic

My Farm In a Box


These 284 acre farm is not your normal farm. With two irrigation ponds, with massive diesel pumps that recirculate 80% of the recaptured water through a massive sand filter to be treated and reused. 

Two deep water wells that can pump out up to 150 gallons of water per second! With a plan to move our operation totally to becoming 100% self sustainable when we build a 5-15 MW solar farm that will produce enough power for a maxed out operation.


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Our Story

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring the freshest, most nutritious food to your home. From the garden to the plate is what we strive to do. Having a healthy alternative is hard to find, so we are ALL IN on providing a venue to bring just that. All of our products are natural, no additives, no pesticides, just good clean food ready for your family to eat!

Situated on 284 acres, we are well positioned to create a state of the art farm that produces micro greens, vegetables, fruit, herbs, and spices 365 days of the year.

We use a variety of grow systems on our farm. Some
plants produce better with certain systems and we have
found the perfect match.




High Tunnel

We have a few designs you can choose from that can to tailored to your unique space. You can choose from a variety of home systems, yard systems, commercial systems. All of which can be fully customized to your farming needs. Be sure to inquire about our variety of home systems when talking to one of our qualified representatives. Contact us today!

What We Grow?  We Grow A Variety Of

Micro greens,
Vegetables (of all kinds and varieties)
Mushrooms (multiple varieties)
Select fruit
Hemp and medicinal cannabis

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